Ice Fishing has Started in Some Areas on Lake of the Woods

It is tradition.  This time of year, the colder the better.  It is what so many cannot wait for.  It’s the time of the year you hear people saying, “Well, it’s making good ice!”  Ice fishing has started on Lake of the Woods in some areas of the lake.  Pulling out fish house, Lake of the Woods

As you may have seen in our fishing report, many resorts have fish houses on the ice and the bite is excellent.  Ice was coming along nicely and with this week’s cold spell, the ice added inches and made it possible in most areas to get out.  Finally, ice fishing has started!

It is important to know there are areas of the lake that still have thin ice, thus, don’t go roaming around on your own.  A good rule of thumb is to stay on the resort ice trails they have marked. When resorts are marking their trails, many things are happening behind the scenes to make that trail safe.

Initially, ice guides stake a trail checking ice thickness along the way.  They know where springs and current areas can make ice thin and make accounts for where the better ice is.  Each day they monitor the ice trails and roads looking for natural changes such as pressure ridges, cracks, any other change that would lead them to use a bridge or re-route an ice road.  The bottom line, the ice roads are being maintained for safety, other areas are not and are more risky.  Stay on the marked ice roads.

If you plan on bringing up your own equipment, it is a good idea to check with the resort to make sure you have the right equipment.  Some roads are open to just ATV’s and snowmobiles.  Others are allowing side by side.  Every road is different this time of year based on how much ice it has, thus it is good to check ahead.

ice trail with fish houses wigwam resort 120721In many cases during the early ice season, resorts will transport you out to their fish houses as they have the proper light ice transportation and knowledge of the ice to ensure people don’t go off of trails, try fishing new ice that has not been checked or isn’t safe.

Checking ahead in today’s world often means checking the resort Facebook page and website prior to calling.  It is often much more efficient and also provides some really good info.  Most resorts will also welcome a phone call but when things are busy, there are other good options.

Getting Started…  If you are fairly new to ice fishing Lake of the Woods, don’t fear.  Resorts and outfitters have your back and will give you lots of help.

Full service or fish on your own.  Full service ice fishing sure makes a getaway enjoyable.  Wake up in the morning to a nice breakfast.  Either board the resort’s ice transportation or jump in your own vehicle and drive to your heated fish house.  At the end of the day, the guides will clean up your fish if you would like.  The resort in many cases will also cook up  your fresh catch.  It certainly makes an ice fishing adventure feel like a welcomed vacation.

Another good option if you have your own equipment is access one of the many ice roads in the area.  For a nominal fee to access the road, you now have access to a huge area of the lake, varying depths and have the freedom to fish where you think the big ones are lurking.

This time of year is special around Lake of the Woods.  It is the start of a season some cherish more than the open water season.  With heated fish houses, good electronics and equipment for ice fishing that has been revolutionized, this is a winter activity everyone can truly enjoy.  The time has come to make some memories.  Have fun!


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