Ingenious People at Lake of the Woods

IGLOO BARMany people ask the question about what people do in the frigid times of the winter. Let me tell you that there is no end to possibilities in this northland. There are many ingenious people who use their imagination, their gifts and their talents to make a living and to offer many great services to this area.

Ingenious Igloo Bar

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In past days, a resort staff member had the ingenious idea to build a restaurant and heated fish house to be used on the ice as a place to gather as well as catch fish. That was the beginning of what is called the “Igloo Bar” which is located about three miles out on frozen Lake of the Woods.  The Igloo is placed on Zippel Reef by Zippel Bay Resort.

Although this 2020-21 season hasn’t permitted it to be on the ice due to state regulation on capacity, social distancing, etc due to the pandemic, (try next season) you’ll find that this location is much visited by tourists and locals throughout the season. There you can order a pizza and beverages and set up at a table and then after your meal, raise the table and drop a line in the hole. It’s just amazing!!! And, it is very well designed and attractive.

The Igloo even has heated outhouses for its guests. What a plus!!!  Cold toilet seat or warm toilet seat?  For many, that choice is easy.  How ingenious is that?!?  Igloo Bar, Zippel Bay Resort, Lake of the Woods

Bicyclers are also ingenious as they have bikes equipped with “fat” tires that they can use to tool around the lake.  Ice skaters/hockey players and coaches have been known to use the ice as a practice run. They skated the entire river from the Wheelers Point area to the Canadian Railroad Bridge located in the town of Baudette. An ingenious way to build skating strength and offer a great experience.

Resorts who offer overnight fish houses are also ingenious. They have equipped those houses with bunks, mattresses, great furnaces and now have also added cooking facilities. They could be as simple as a toaster oven with cooking burners at the top to full range stoves, ovens andbeckels bunks sleeper fish house 300x169 1 cooking utensils. There again you must remember they have to find a way to have lights and stoves to run. So owners either use all propane, solar or even generators for their power. Ingenious!! Don’t forget Sleeper houses also are equipped with bathrooms or some resorts actually provide “portapoddy” style restrooms on the ice.  Awesome.

Some years ago, this writer even thought how incredible it would be to offer a hot lunch to ice anglers.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a hot sandwich and other entrees delivered to your fish house instead of just eating cold sandwiches and chips? How about a nice cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate?  Did you know some resorts actually have this as part of their meal plan?Stove in sleeper fish house, Border View Lodge

As technology continues to develop, opportunities on the ice continue to take flight.  None of these, however, would be possible without a creative and ingenious spirit.  No wonder winter up at Lake of the Woods is so much fun!


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