Ladies…It’s Time to Plan Your Ice Fishing Trip

Ladies!—Are you planning your Ice Fishing Trip yet? Don’t just send the guys out on that lifetime adventure of fishing the waters of Lake of the Woods. Plan your trip now for the Ladies adventure through one of 50+ resorts to choose from at this fine destination.ladies

Yes, anglers come in all genders, ages, shapes and sizes to Lake of the Woods. This renown fishery is located at the top of Minnesota at Lake of the Woods. Lake of the Woods is the largest freshwater lake next to the great lakes showcasing 317,000 acres in Minnesota. It is international as it shares its waters with both the United States and Canada. Lake of the Woods has 65,000 miles of shoreline and 14,552 islands.

Lake of the Woods is known as the Walleye Capital of the World™. These waters are famous for their fishing, hunting, wildlife and recreational opportunities. Open water fishing remains the favorite for most people, however, hard water (ice fishing) has become a main event of the winter season featuring thousands of fish houses and wheelhouses taking up residence on the frozen waters. It’s a sight to behold as you approach the landscape of an actual fishing village.

ladiesSo…ladies….why not gather your friends and have yourself a great vacation being a lady angler. There are professional women’s fishing groups that have been formed and it’s no longer a novelty for ladies to enjoy this fine sport. One of our local resorts here hosts a Girls Gone Fishing group each year. The event draws from many localities and be sure to know that the ladies have a great time fishing and also gathering for other activities.sleeper house inside arnesens

As a matter of fact, many anglers bring their young girls with them as they teach them the skills of fishing for walleye and other species of fish on both open and hard water. Young ladies feel the thrill of catching their first small or trophy fish and it gets imbedded in their memories as one of the greatest experiences ever. Remember, this doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime experience. Why not make it an annual event or better yet summer and winter season experiences.

Bachelorette parties are becoming more and more popular during the winter season.  Whether ladies are staying in nice sleeper fish houses or ice fishing during the day in a day house and actually staying in a hotel or cabins on shore, there are lots of memories made.ladies

There is not a lack of fun things to do in the area.  In addition to ice fishing, shopping, cute coffee shops and a wide variety of bars and taverns, some with live music.

Don’t forget about the two bars located out on the frozen Lake of the Woods.  The Igloo Bar is out of Zippel Bay Resort and the Angry Walleye is out of Cyrus Resort.

Now ladies…. Ice fishing these days has taken on a new look. Most outfitters are seeing that ladies are taking to the sport more and more so they have equipped their ice “shacks” to accommodate whatever a lady needs.

  1. Bathrooms on the Ice.  Most ladies want the availability of a bathroom. Check √! Fish houses now have restrooms available.  Some are built right into the “shack”, others have porta-potties on the ice near your fish house.  The point is, there are some nice options.  Check ahead with your resort or outfitter to see what your options are.
  2. Cooking Facilities.  Many women want some cooking facilities. Check √! Most houses have either a full size or apartment size range that runs on propane complete with over and even some cook ware. No need for refrigerators out there but the house usually has ample supply of paper towels and toilet paper.
  3. A nice clean environment.  Most ladies want cleanliness…even while fishing. Check √! Our outfitters have been very careful to maintain a clean environment to come into. All houses have been sanitized after each use and any refuse disposed of.  Normally when you arrive to your heated fish house, things have been spruced up for your arrival.
  4. Keep me Warm!  Ladies want to know they’ll be warm. Check √! Each shack is heated by propane furnaces and the heat is turned on so the fish house is warm upon your arrival.  You control the thermostat during your stay and whether you are in a sleeper fish house, hotel room or cabin, you can keep the temp as warm as you would like.
  5. Safe Ice.  For anyone who hasn’t ice fished much, man or woman, people need to know the ice is safe.  Check √! Our guides are incredible at keeping their guests safe. They stake and groom ice roads and trails from the formation of ice.  Each and every day, they do ice checks prior to visitors traveling out.  Depending upon the resort or outfitter, you either drive out to your fish house on a plowed and marked ice road, or, the resort will transport you to your fish house.  Safety is #1.

sleeper ice houseLadies, do you want to rough it out when ice fishing on Lake of the Woods. Most of our resorts also have sleeper fish houses available. They are larger houses and can often sleep up to eight people. Bunk beds are built in and ready for the bedding that you bring with you.

Some ladies would like to return to a lodge and dine there eating their catch of the day. Fish Fry! Spend the day on the ice fishing and then take your catch in for a great meal of fish? Yes, our resorts do a wonderful job as guides bring your catch in, clean them and then deliver them to the kitchen and prepare an incredible meal using your fine catch of the day.Evening entertainment is available often.fish fry dining

There are a nice variety of lodging and fish houses.  Shop our resorts and their amenities at www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com/lodging and check out all their facilities as well as what kind of ice houses they have.

Are you ready ladies??? Check out availability now at www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com/lodging-availability-request and call your friends and make your plans. Show the gentlemen that ladies are also experts at the sport of fishing.

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