Lake of the Woods Fishing Report | Monday, June 3, 2019

South End

  • Strong walleye pattern continues. 
  • Fish deeper in areas–15-30′ with most activity in that 25-26′ range. 
  • Anchored up and jigging with minnows and frozen shiners still very effective. 
  • Water temp mid 50’s. 
  • Gold combined with other colors productive. 
  • Nice reports spread along the south shore and around Knight and Bridges Islands.  

 Rainy River

  • Summer pattern starting to settle in. 
  • Walleyes and saugers being caught in holes, current breaks and sand riffs. 
  • Smallmouth bass and pike anglers are being found, although most anglers focused on walleyes. 
  • Some anglers casting river mouths, bays, and rocky areas for a mixed bag.
  • Sturgeon season opens July 1st for the catch season again.

 NW Angle

  • Another great week of walleye fishing. 
  • Some walleyes coming from shallow mud, 6-8′ with spinners heating up. 
  • Walleyes relating to points are hanging in 20-27′ with most anglers are jigging. 
  • Pink and gold still strong colors. 
  • Saugers, pike, perch and bass also in the mix. 
  • Smallmouth bass still deep and should slide into bays very soon. 


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