Lake of the Woods Ice Out Update

As fishing opener inches closer day by day many anglers are curious as to when we expect the ice to go out up on Lake of the Woods. Although there are many factors when trying to predict when ice out will occur such as temperature, wind velocity, and wind direction we predict the ice will be out in the next 5-8 days.
Using real time satellite imaging from google earth we can see massive progress between April 23 to April 27. As of the 23rd the lake was mostly locked up still with only a small portion of the lake open along the south shore. The picture from the 27th shows the lake opened up with the only ice left along the shore near Zippel Bay and West into Muskeg Bay. There is also still ice up at the Northwest angle. The open water reaches up to Garden Island and from there north is still covered in dark ice.
With upcoming temperatures in the 50s and 60’s and winds in the 5-15 mph range it is great ice out conditions.
Fishing opener is shaping up to be a good one with the ice off plenty in advance and temperatures remaining constant for a while. Fishing opener is May 14. Northern pike season never closes up on Lake of the Woods. Lake Sturgeon seasons in spring, the keep season is April 24 – May 7. Catch and release again May 8 – 15.

April 23, 2016

lake of the woods april 23

April 27, 2016

lake of the woods april 27

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