Lake of the Woods Winter Dump Stations for Wheelhouses / RV’s

Keep It Clean, Lake of the WoodsWheelhouses have grown in popularity over the years.  They have also become more fancy with many amenities.  One of those amenities are heated tanks to store waste and grey water.  With this new feature comes the need for winter dump stations.  Thankfully, there has just been another winter dump station added so there are now two different dump stations in the area to dispose of that waste so it doesn’t end up in the environment.

Lake of the Woods is a very popular ice fishing destination, and for good reason.  The Walleye Capital of the World consistently provides anglers with good numbers of walleyes and of course, saugers.  All provide for a great ice fishing experience.  With extended opportunities of ice fishing as we are border waters, fish houses can be left out on the ice overnight through March 31st.  The walleye season is extended through April 14 and pike never close.

With so many great ice fishing opportunities and an extended season, anglers love to take advantage of the opportunity.  One of the trends some anglers are getting into are ice fishing using wheelhouses.  In many cases, these wheelhouses are nice and have many of the conveniences of home.  Some of the conveniences for many are a bathroom, sink and even shower.  These liquids flow into a holding tank that in some cases is heated and can be used during the winter.  Basically, this tank contains waste and other materials until the wheelhouse arrives to a dump station that it is safe to dump the tank.


The contents of a heated tank can harbor chemicals from the soaps and detergents and are extremely harmful to the environment.  In addition, other solutions not good for the environment are sometimes used for these tanks.  With that being said, it is very important to make sure holding tanks are disposed of properly.

During the warm weather months, there are a number of locations at campgrounds, etc that offer dump stations.  During the winter, many of these facilities are not available.

There are two dump stations or pump out stations in the Lake of the Woods area open year round.

  1.  BaudetteHoward’s Oil which is the Cenex gas station with the Subway right on Hwy 11 in Baudette.  This facility is currently complimentary to use and if you have a wheelhouse or RV with a full holding tank you don’t want to haul home, this might be a good option.  RV and wheelhouse dump station, Lake of the Woods
  2. Wheeler’s Point AreaLog Cabin Bait and Liquors also has a complimentary dump station.  Located on Hwy 172 at the mouth of the Rainy River, Log Cabin Bait’s dump station for wheel houses is new and now available.

It’s important to have a plan.  Prior to hitting the ice, figure out what you will do with your garbage.  If you are fishing through a resort or outfitter, communicate with them and find out the best location to bring trash to once off of the ice.

It’s also a good idea to think ahead about placing trash outside of the fish house.  In many cases, trash blows away or freezes into the ice which makes it tough to recover even if there are good intentions.  Snow is also a challenge, often blanketing debris so it does not get picked up.

Most anglers are very good about doing their part.  Many also pick up other garbage they see that is not theirs.  One thing about ice fishing and the natural resources, we are all in this together.  A bit of effort and goodwill goes a long ways.

The same goes with the holding tank on your wheelhouse or RV.  Have a game plan on where to dispose of the contents of your holding tank.  It is good to know there is a resource for holding tanks during the winter months.  Please remember to Keep It Clean!


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