LOW on “Across the Ice Belt” Ice Fishing show this Weekend

It is that time of the year when outdoor minded folks are enjoying a wonderful fall.  Full of cooler weather, amazing colors, migrations, hunting, etc, etc.  Along with this transition is the naturallight-ice-rig-with-people-hauler-trailer_cyrus-resort looking ahead to the next season, which for Lake of the Woods, is ice fishing.

Ice fishing begins early compared to other Midwest ice fishing destinations.  On an average year, Lake of the Woods resorts will start pulling out permanent or hard sided fish houses around December 10th.  ATV traffic with collapsible fish houses are granted ice access along staked trails that have been checked and are monitored prior to permanent fish houses being pulled out.

With ice fishing right around the corner, it is great timing that the Ice Team from Clam is airing Across the Ice Belt.  This is their TV show that first aired 4th quarter of 2015.  This week, a new episode featuring ice fishing out of a permanent fish house, ice transportation and simply the ice fishing culture around Lake of the Woods which is so popular.

Jeff “Jiggy” Andersen is the host of the show.  Along with his brother, Joe Andersen and their sister, Joy Andersen, they run Raw Fish Media, the behind the scenes production company producing this show.  Joe Andersen went to great lengths to capture the look and feel of ice fishing on LOW including some awesome drone footage.

As the cool fall winds blow down from the north and the water temps decrease, many are starting make their ice fishing plans and reservations with Lake of the Woods resorts.  After watching this episode of Across the Ice Belt, we believe you will be jacked up to do the same.  Tight lines!


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