Navionics Lake Map on Lake of the Woods Tourism website

Have you ever read a fishing report and didn’t really know where an island or reef being referred to was?  Did you ever wonder what type of structure around Knight and Bridges Islands made that spot so popular?  We believe your questions are one step closer to being answered.  Lake of the Woods Tourism now has the Navionics lake map of the entire lake, both U.S. and Canadian sides on an interactive map available on our website.

This map shows depths, reefs, islands and more.  You can zoom out to get the lay of the land or zoom in to look for a “spot on a spot”.  This tool is one you can use at your desktop or on your mobile device anywhere you are connected to the internet to explore the many hot spots of The Walleye Capital of the World.

  Click Here to check out the Navionics lake map featuring Lake of the Woods.

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