Plan an Incredible Trip NOW to Lake of the Woods

NOW is the time to plan an incredible trip to Lake of the Woods, the Walleye Capital of the World™!! The lake, Lake of the Woods is located in Lake of the Woods County, near Baudette, MN, at the very top of Minnesota. It borders Canada on the north and is the site of the northernmost point of land in the contiguous United States.moon over charter boats on rainy river 2

When planning a trip, one must first establish a destination. Your favorite destination will soon become Lake of the Woods. This northern area is one of the most beautiful spots of land beholding to the eye. Lake of the Woods, itself, is the largest fresh water lake next to the Great Lakes in the United States.

International bridge Baudette, MNOkay, so the winter season is just about over (we hope) and spring and summer are soon to follow behind. Reservations for lodging accommodations are already coming into our 50+ resorts and motels in this land. Highway 11 is the highway that runs east to west across the top of Minnesota. The Rainy River divides the countries of Canada and the US. Your trip might want to include travel along this highway to gaze the beautiful river area and the resorts that are located along its banks.

Take a trip up Highway 172 going north, located just west of Baudette which we affectionately call the “lake road” or Wheeler’s Point Road. This will take you exactly to the Wheeler’s Point area which is at the end of that road. Along that road you will find many resorts that are called the Rainy River section of the land.low map three areas 300x284 1

Your trip planning needs to specify what kind of accommodations you desire. Lodging facilities go from the extreme of small quiet cabins to lodges, villas, or even larger facilities that can house a large family unit or even a large corporate group gathering. Most all facilities feature full kitchens if you want to prepare your food. fish fry diningOtherwise, a great number of facilities have great restaurants and bar/lounges to keep your appetite at bay.

When you plan this trip, be sure to set apart time to travel to these many eating locations to enjoy everything from burger baskets to an exotic walleye cheek entrée. If your trip includes fishing, which we hope it does, bring your catch of the day into the lodge’s restaurant and they will prepare your meal using your great catch. This is mouthwatering just speaking of it. Each resort has its own specialty so it’s a must to explore their many options.

Don’t forget that when in Baudette at Lake of the Woods, you are still not at the top of Minnesota. No, then you must take a trip to the Northwest Angle. The Northwest Angle is the home of about seven resorts who offer great northern hospitality. Then possibly venture out into the waters of Lake of the Woods and visit Oak Island to see their resorts and also Flag Island where you can bask in the beauty of pristine waters and the quietness of the land.Northernmost marker, NW Angle, Lake of the Woods

Because the Canadian Border has established challenges getting across the border, the people of the north are very ingenious at finding ways to stay in the waters of the US and still get to the “Angle”.

take a trip by planeLake Country Air has partnered with Lake of the Woods and is a flying service that can transport you and your party, flying over this gorgeous body of water, to the Northwest Angle. It ties up at a resort on the Rainy River and is ready to get you to your northernmost destination. Lake Country Air not only can fly you across the lake, but it can also fly you from their headquarters in South St. Paul or most cities in the 5 state area for custom flights. What a great service and a great way to execute your trip to the north. Find them at

Lake of the Woods Passenger Service is a company located along the Rainy River with a small fleet of powerful launches to help you travel across the lake to the Northwest Angle. You can find them at . These launches not only transport people and parties of anglers, but they also bring supplies where needed and have even been known to fill their boats with flower to plant in the spring to beautify the resorts.take a trip by boat

If your trip includes driving up to the Northwest Angle, remember a few hoops must be jumped before you go. Canada requires you to have a current vaccination card with you, a passport, and proof of a current COVID test less than 72 hours old. The easiest way to travel is to be prepared before you come to make entry easier into Canada.

Please feel free to explore more options by viewing our website at or email us at, c-all individual resorts listed at, or simply dial us up at 218-634-1174.
Plan your trip NOW and look forward to an incredible experience at Lake of the Woods!!!

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