Shore Fishing in the Lake of the Woods Area

Lake of the Woods is considered The Walleye Capital of the World.  Much of the fishing takes place way out on the lake or throughout different areas of the Rainy River.  With that being said, there are some convenient, and at times of the year, very good shore fishing opportunities.

fishing pier at clementson rapids 4In addition, with the joint efforts of the area Take a Kid Fishing Group alongside the Baudette Rotary Club, two new shore fishing piers or docks have been installed.  On the east side of Baudette lies Timber Mill Park.  This park is where the new Veteran’s Memorial is located along with a very nice boat ramp.  There is now a brand new fishing pier near the boat ramp that gives great fishing access to the Rainy River.

fishing pier at clementson rapids 3The second new fishing pier is at Clementson Rapids, just 8 miles east of Baudette on HWY 11.  This new pier allows anglers to fish Clementson Bay that leads into the Rainy River.

Here are some go to shore fishing spots in the area…

  1.  Zippel Bay State Park.  This overlooked State Park is a gem located right on Zippel Bay.  There is a harbor with a boat landing in the bay but the land of Zippel Bay extends around into the lake as well.  Pike, bass, perch and occasionally walleyes are all possibilities.
  2. Peace Park.  Located in Baudette on Baudette Bay, this park and boat access is located on International Drive as you would be driving into Canada.  This is an ideal spot for pike, some walleyes and smallmouth bass as well.
  3. Willie Walleye Park.  Located in Baudette Bay, this park has lots of shoreline to walk including a stationary dock and a floating dock to fish from.  This is a good spot for pike, bass and at times, walleyes.Rainy River
  4. Timber Mill Park.  With a brand new fishing pier that sticks out into the Rainy River, this shore fishing location adjacent to the boat ramp is ideal to target all Rainy River species.
  5. Clementson Park.  Located 8 miles east of Baudette on HWY 11 is the Rapid River that flows into the Rainy River.  This is also where HWY 11 travels over the Clementson Rapids.  Located on the NW side of the bridge is a small parking area and a brand new fishing pier located in Clementson Bay.
  6. Vidas Landing.  Located just 10 miles east of Baudette on HWY 11, the Vidas Landing is located right on the Rainy River.  Often times, good structure like current breaks and holes can be reached casting from the shoreline.
  7. Frontier Landing.  Located 19 miles east of Baudette, the Frontier Public Access is a popular boat access during the spring and fall.  It also is a good area to fish from the shores of the Rainy River.  Again, the river boasts a multi-species offering including walleyes, sauger, pike, smallmouth bass, sturgeon and a variety of suckers. Shore fishing from resort dock on Rainy River
  8. Nelson Landing in Birchdale.  Located 28 miles east of Baudette is Nelson Park.  This area is located not far downstream from the Sault Rapids and has a lot of shoreline to walk and fish.  This is also a very popular boat access in the spring and fall.  There is good fishing during the summer months as well but many anglers target Lake of the Woods this time of year.
  9. Franz Jevne State Park.  Just east of Birchdale is a beautiful state park.  This area boast not only some great shore fishing but also incredible beauty.  There is a boat ramp here but is a smaller ramp.  There is also a fair amount of current in this area with some rapids downstream so shore fishing is ideal.
  10. Resorts.   Resorts are of course, private property.  However, one of the advantages of staying at a resort is being able to fish off of their docks.  The docks stick a long ways out into the water and offer great opportunities.

Shore fishing is a great way to fish.  In many cases, it is not only relaxing, it can be a very successful way to fish.  Whether you target fishing from shore or you simply want to take some time and enjoy some relaxation, shore fishing abounds around Lake of the Woods, the Rainy River and Baudette.


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