Snowmobiling at Lake of the Woods is NOW!

Yes, it’s official snowmobiling is on!! Avid snowmobilers have gassed up their machines and are ready to ride the many great places around Lake of the Woods. It was reported on Facebook this week that the trails are open and have recently been groomed. There are still workers clearing brush and fallen trees over some paths, but shelters have either been made ready or are very close to ready for each traveler.

snowmobilingFacebook is a great way to get fresh information on lots of subjects and our snowmobile clubs take advantage of that as they let the public know current events concerning their trails and warming shacks. One sight to keep an eye on is: www.facebook.com/lakeofthewoodsdrifters and the other one is www.facebook.com/lakeofthewoodssnowmobileclub. Here’s some reports: “Reminder the trails are open for use however still need maintenance. Use caution! Pitt Y shelter is clean and ready for visitors.” “Graceton shelter is clean and ready for use. Careful riding out, trails still need some work.”drifters logo

The Lake of the Woods Drifters Snowmobile Club out of Baudette grooms trails on the south end of Lake of the Woods where the famous Northern Connection Trail travels through the forests along Highway 11 from the east and then heads south. This includes travel through the city of Baudette. Their website is: www.lakeofthewoodsdrifters.org  where you will find contacts, pictures and current snowmobile conditions and reports. This club is very active and are always welcoming new members.


Staking the trail at the NW Angle

Did you know you can enjoy snowmobiling both on the land and also the lake. Lake of the Woods is an international lake which engulfs the big basin of water in the south, the Northwest Angle, and the northern section which is in Ontario, Canada. Snowmobile Clubs in the areas and resort owners work together to stake and groom many great trails both on land and (frozen) water. There are over 500 miles of groomed trails through some of the most scenic areas in North America.

We are making ice daily in this northland, however, it’s still early ice and snowmobile travel must be done with extreme caution through our local resorts and outfitters. Be sure to inquire before you go. DO NOT go out without first checking with the professionals.

Minnesota DNR has a great website to study about snowmobiling. The snowmobile state trail sticker and snowmobile registration decals have been combined into one decal. The price of the three-year state trail sticker has been included in the price of snowmobile registration. Snowmobiles that are being newly registered or up for renewal will now be issued the new combined registration/state trail sticker decal. See their website here:snowmobiling www.dnr.state.mn.us/snowmobiling/index.html

A snowmobile that is not registered in the state of MN may not be operated on a state or grant-in-aid snowmobile trail unless a snowmobile state trail sticker is affixed to the snowmobile. A snowmobile state trail sticker costs $51.00 and is valid from November 1 through June 30.

Enjoy the great outdoors at the Northwest Angle and islands where the Northwest Angle EdgeRiders Snowmobile Club grooms trails at the Northwest Angle, south to Warroad and also most trails on Lake of the Woods. They have a wonderful website to look at and study at www.nwaedgeriders.org or check out their Facebook page at snowmobilingwww.facebook.com/NorthwestAngleEdgeRiders.edgeriders logo

There’s another place to seek out information by going to our links to both clubs and maps at: www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com/snowmobilingwww.lakeofthewoodsmn.com/lodging.  Here are some great tips for the avid snowmobiler. Have fun and be safe by checking with locals resorts for ice conditions before you go. Every year the Northwest Angle host a huge snowmobile festival. This year’s event will be held at Oak Island Lodge on February 24th. Festivities, Food and Prizes are only part of the fun had as people gather for this great event. Plan now!!

Rules to Ride By

  1. If you don’t know – Don’t Go! Especially this year. Trails are marked for your additional safety.
  2. Pay Attention! Due to changing ice and snow, trails are apt to be moved, cracks open and ridges rise and fall.
  3. Be Prepared! Many of these trails cover vast, unpopulated areas. Carry survival gear, First Aid and emergency equipment.
  4. Obey the Speed Limit – 50 mph.
  5. Carry I.D. for yourself and your machine.
  6. Wear your Helmet!
  7. Respect Private Property
  8. Have the Ride of your Life and come back Safe, Sound and Thoroughly Thrilled!
  9. Fill your fuel and oil tanks before leaving. It is an average of 50 miles between stops.
  10. Pick up local trail maps at your stop for added snowmobiler information.

See our FaceBook page at: www.facebook.com/lakeofthewoodsmn

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