Wonderful Winter-Book Your Ice Fishing Trip NOW!!

Winter? Rushing it? August Dog Days? Yes, but Winter is right around the corner. The standard joke in northern MN is that we have two seasons.

Walleye in the Hole

Walleye in the Hole

Winter is coming and Winter is here!! Lake of the Woods, which is the Walleye Capital of the World and a world class fishery has had a great summer even through tough times in the country. The fish, however, don’t know the country has had tough times.

Fish are biting throughout the lake in deeper waters and also in shallower depths. Smallies, or eaters are in abundance and trophy walleyes have been showing up all over. Summer fishing is the greatest as anglers of all ages enjoy the shimmering waters of Lake of the Woods. Soon, however, those shimmering waters start cooling down and currents slow and before you know it you’ll see a skim of ice forming on the bays, the big lake and the river. Then, Winter is on!!!

Currently harvest is going full scale with wheat being harvested, wild rice being harvested, soy beans ready to ripen and the beautiful fields of sunflowers have also been prepared for harvest. People of the north enjoy all four seasons watching the harvest and preparing for hunting seasons. Resorts have been plenty busy, but are already looking ahead to the winter season.Winter Fishing Trophy

The Winter season is an excellent time to fish. It’s not too early to book your ice fishing trip now. The books are open but fish houses have been being prepared all season long as they are painted, cleaned and made ready for Winter anglers to arrive.

Ice Team University, Lake of the WoodsPlanning your next ice fishing trip should be a breeze. Picture waking up in the morning, getting some grub, then hoping into a heated snow bomber which brings you to your fish house which is already heated. Then proceed to catch fish all day long. It doesn’t get any better than that.

For anglers, the diversity of fish is unbelievable along with areas of the lake. The main basin or Big Traverse Bay is home to hundreds of thousands of walleyes and saugers who roam the entire bay. Then we have the Northwest Angle where our 14,552 islands begin and many other species of fish. With so many options where do you start.

Hot Deals Feature on www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com

Where we like people to start is our Hot Deals Page. Here you can check current or future promotions for our resorts and lodges. We update the hot deals page often and will post new deals as they show up. There are deals for everyone. Deals for only lodging are on there, for fishing only, for a fishing and lodging package, you name it! There are many new Winter deals so go check it out!

If you are set on a specific resort and they are not listed you can also find our lodging page here!

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