Wondering what a ploughing competition is?

The USA, State of Minnesota and Lake of the Woods MN area including the town of Baudette, MN is honored to host this year’s prestigious World Ploughing Contest.

The world contest will be held August 30-31, 2019 on the Arnesen family farmland two miles south of Baudette. The USA ploughing contest will follow the day after on September 1st, 2019.

Lake of the Woods County has a rich tradition of farming with more than 40,000 acres of farmland. The county is known for a variety of unique crops including ryegrass, sunflowers, canola, soybeans and other grains and oilseeds.

This prestigious international competition brings together the world’s best ploughers from over 30 countries. These competitors are the best of the best with each having to win their respective countries contest to qualify for this worldwide contest.

Visitors from across the world will be met with an exciting program with multiple highlights such as the stubble and grassland ploughing competitions in which the participants must prove their mastery, expertise and attention to detail. In addition, there will be local tours, guided fishing, displays and exhibits, demonstrations of agricultural equipment, top entertainment, a variety of local foods and beverages and more.

What is a Ploughing Competition?

Ploughing looks easy from a distance, but anyone who has tried their hand at ploughing quickly learns that this is not the case. The plough which is used as a tool along three axes-forward, sideways and down- reacts to the slightest change in settings or soil. The challenges the ploughing competitors face are packed into 1/3 of acres-so many obstacles in such a small space. In fact, a larger plot would make competition easier.

world ploughing


The World Ploughing Organization contains the following regulations.

  • Max. 2 competitors per nation
  • Stubble and grassland competitions, each with reversible and conventional ploughing.
  • Max 3 shares per plough
  • Max 3 wheels on each side of the reversible plough.
  • Markers, GPS system, etc are not allowed.
  • Competition duration is 3 hours.
  • The plough depth may deviate by +/- .25 cm.

What does the competition look like? 

Want to get involved?


  • Gain awareness, credibility and appreciation from a worldwide, regional and local audience
  • Learn more about sponsorships by emailing Joe.Henry@lakeofthewoodsmn.com or call (218) 634-1174


  • A large variety of committees need assistance, thank you for helping out!
  • Prior to competition and the week of the competition
  • Please inquire via email info@lakeofthewoodmn.com or call (218) 634-1174


Stay tuned for more insights into the 2019 competition in Lake of the Woods.


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