2024 Webcams Around Lake of the Woods

There are many ways to stay connected to Lake of the Woods.  Social media, our website LakeoftheWoodsMN.com, resort fishing reports, etc.  Another great way that sometimes gets forgotten about are webcams around the lake.  Webcams allow guests who can access the internet to see conditions in real time the conditions, weather, waves, boat activity, and just life up at Lake of the Woods based on where the camera is located.  There are many webcam options on Lake of the Woods, the Rainy River and up at the NW Angle.

Arnesen's Rocky Point webcamArnesen’s Rocky Point Webcam.  On the southwest portion of Big Traverse Bay is Arnesen’s Rocky Point.  This is a great area to watch a variety of boat and ice fishing traffic coming and going from the resort.  Arnesen’s looks out over Muskeg Bay on the southwest corner of Lake of the Woods.

Typically, there will be boat traffic from April into November and then based on Mother Nature, some ice traffic with the snowmobile trail and sometimes bombardiers if the river ice gets thick enough.  Other views include views of the docks and resort area.  The camera is preset to move to different positions.  This is also a fun camera to check out.

Not only is it fun checking out the conditions of the lake, the webcam gives a fun look at the outside activities at a popular sport fishing resort.

The busier times are normally in the morning just before and after sunrise when people are headed out fishing or around supper time when anglers are coming in off of the ice or via boat for a bite to eat in the Rock Harbor Lodge.

2024 Border View Lodge WebcamBorder View Lodge Webcam.  Overlooking the Rainy River, Border View’s cam is perfect to see charter and boat activity in the open water months.  If you are an early riser, check out how early fishing guides will be down getting boats, tackle, bait, lunches, etc ready to roll for a day of charter fishing on Lake of the Woods.  It is also fun to watch the variety of birds and wildlife on the webcam.

Don’t forget what some call the “boat parade” each morning during the traditional fishing season starting with the MN Fishing Opener in May and extending through October.  There are a number of resorts along the Rainy River and each day, right around 8am, the charter boats will make their way out of the river, through Four Mile Bay and out on to Lake of the Woods.  The goal is to put their customers on schools of walleyes, making memories and making sure there will be a fish fry of fresh walleyes and saugers if so desired.

During ice out and ice in, this is a great vantage point to see what ice conditions are on this stretch of the Rainy River.

Dale's on Lake of the Woods webcamDales on Lake of the Woods Webcam.  Located on the bottom of their website’s homepage is Dale’s on Lake of the Woods webcam.  This webcam gives a great view of the lake just to the east of twin rocks and to the west of Long Point overlooking Big Traverse Bay.

With sleeper fish house rentals, beautiful camping facilities, ice access for customers of theirs and a boat ramp, there is lots to see as this camera overlooks the access on the shores of Lake of the Woods.

Whether it’s ice transportation, boats, checking out the snow falling or the wave action on the main lake, this camera poses a beautiful view.

NW Angle Edge Riders webcamNW Angle Edge Riders Snowmobile Club webcam at Young’s Bay Resort.  If you have ever been to the NW Angle, you may have been through the ice access or harbor at Young’s Bay Resort.  It is a hub of activity and where the main ice road heads out to island resorts and in some cases, where local resorts access the lake.

In addition, during the open water season, this is the main harbor to boat out to the resorts, cabins and other attractions throughout the NW Angle islands and even Ontario islands on the western side of Lake of the Woods.

This camera focuses on the boat ramp, harbor, ice access and even picks up some of the northernmost point buoy and Jerry’s Bar and Restaurant.

Hwy 72 webcam

Hwy 72 webcam south of Baudette, MN in Dawson Township.  A main travel route for travelers coming to Lake of the Woods, highway 72 runs north and south where it meets Hwy 11 just to the east of Baudette.  This camera provides a view of weather conditions and is in an area with beautiful scenery to watch the various colors of the foliage change throughout the year.

Hwy 11 webcam near Roosevelt, MN.  Located in Lake of the Woods County, this webcam gives an idea of weather conditions and provides a good view of highway 11 which runs east and west across the south end of Lake of the Woods and is a main travel route.

webcam roosevelt mn hwy 11 021524This camera also picks up the railroad tracks which are active with trains heading across the south end of Lake of the Woods.

Webcams are also great to view the variety of bird activity throughout the year.  There is a great migration both in the spring and fall that is exceptional, as well as a resident population of birds unique to this northern Minnesota area.

Weather events are also very interesting to viewers.  Being nice and cozy while checking into the various weather events in the area is something of interest to many.  From the beautiful sunrises and sunsets to storms moving through the area, they are all part of life and interesting at the same time.

It is also interesting to see the various perspectives from the Rainy River, big open waters of Big Traverse Bay and the islands area of the NW Angle.

There are many great ways to keep in touch with Lake of the Woods.  Another option you may just want to add to your routine are webcams.  What a fun way to keep in touch in real time with The Walleye Capital of the World.


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