Beautiful Autumn Has Arrived at Lake of the Woods

As autumn approaches, you may be planning a road trip. Taking scenic tours is a favorite way for many to see the beautiful colors of fall. This year it seems that the “colors” have arrived a bit earlier than other years. Already, we are seeing golds and reds amongst the beautiful green evergreen and cedar forest areas. Jump into the car and head in any direction and you will find the autumn colors tha

autumn colors

t your eyes can feast on.

Here’s an idea. As well as traveling the roads, why not head north to Lake of the Woods and see the sights in an alternative fashion? Boating Autumn quietness on the watercan offer access to scenery not viewed by the masses. Autumn foliage reflecting off of the water is truly a sight to behold. Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River paint a perfect backdrop for a fall color display. As of today, we are starting to see some leaves changing and we are at about 10 to 25 percent peak in the area.

Rainy River

Enjoy a beautiful 12-mile boat ride from the resorts near the mouth of the river at Wheeler’s Point to the City of Baudette and the new public docks at Willie Walleye Park.  Check out Peace Park in Baudette, located right next to the U.S./Canadian border crossing.  The park offers a fabulous view of the new International Bridge and Canada right from the convenience of your boat.  Eight miles east of Baudette, check out the picturesque autumn foliage along the rocks at Clementson Rapids.

Lake of the Woods 

One of the most beautiful sights going north to Lake of the Woods on Hwy 72 is the beautiful golden tamaracs

. Tamaracs are a conifer and not all conifers are evergreen! Some change color and lose their needles in the fall. Many conifers—including spruce and pine trees—naturally shed their older needles every year. Tamarack trees are unique among the conifers in that they lose all of their needles every year. They are “deciduous evergreens.” The needles turn a bright golden yellow and are beautiful to observe as they float lazily to the ground.fall colors tamarac

The Beltrami State Forest is a sight to behold as the colors dazzle the eyes in contrast to the beautiful gigantic pines. Birch trees, Basswood, Aspen and Tamarac are entwined throughout the forest of the pines. Travel these serene roads and listen to the silence of fall as the earth relaxes from the busy growing spree of summer.

Boasting some of the best walleye fishing in world, it’s also home to one of the most beautiful state parks.  Zippel Bay State Park has 2 miles of white sandy beach along Lake of the Woods to take in the beautiful fall colors.

And if land is your choice of transportation, there are a many other spots in Lake of the Woods to check out.

Maps and excellent autumn    color information are available on the DNR website.

Zippel Bay State Park.

-Franz Jevne State Park.

Beltrami Island State Forest.

Lake of the Woods State Forest.

Pine Island State Forest.

-Northwest Angle State Forest.

*Below is an active map, updated by the Minnesota DNR, of “percent of peak” fall color conditions throughout the Northwest and the state.*fall mn dnr colors

Typical peak color dates vary year to year, along with the vibrancy of the colors. In northern Minnesota peak fall colors can vary depending on how close to the lake you are viewing, trees closer to the lake typically peak later then trees a inland.


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