Find Lodging Availability Easily for Lake of the Woods

Now is the time to check out the availability at resorts for your trip to take advantage of some great deals. It won’t be long now and ice on Lake of the Woods will be inviting you to venture to this big lake where anglers are always satisfied with their catch.


Availability Request Form

In today’s busy world, when a window of opportunity to buzz up to Lake of the Woods opens up, you need to jump on it.  But how do you find lodging and fish houses during a busy weekend?  Look no further with the lodging availability finder.  This handy tool is found on the Lake of the Woods Tourism website under the lodging tab is a quick and easy way to check with multiple resorts on available lodging with one click of a mouse.

ice rig with people hauler trailer cyrus resort 500x331 1Ice fishing has become more and more popular each and every year.  Resorts have taken advantage of technology in fish house materials, heaters, plow vehicles and transport vehicles to make the sport enjoyable for anglers and non-anglers alike.  With that being said, there are times, often popular weekends, when lodging or fish house rentals are hard to find.  That certainly doesn’t mean they aren’t available.

Now there is a tool to contact the area of Lake of the Woods you desire with a few clicks of a mouse.  With almost 60 different lodging and fish house facilities at Lake of the Woods, there is always somewhere to stay that is just right for you. Instead, if you are looking to book lodging at Lake of the Woods and don’t feel like calling around or it is last minute, try our lodging availability finder.

Finding available lodging during busy times is quick, just follow these steps.

  1.  Go to the Lodging Availability Finder
  2. Enter in your contact information
  3. Arrival and departure dates
  4. How many occupants
  5. Select the area you would like to stay…
    1. South Shore / Rainy River
    2. NW Angle
    3. Information for both areas
  6. Areas of interest, such as ice fishing, sleeper fish house, pool, etc
  7. Any comments or requests.
  8. Finally, you can check or un-check the box to receive the Lake of the Woods Tourism newsletter

Your request is emailed to all the lodging facilities in the geographic region you choose.  Resorts will respond back to your email with availability.availability

Imagine you call your favorite resort or two and they are booked.  This is a perfect time to go to the Lodging Availability Finder.

If you come back and want to us the finder here is how you do it:

  1. To find Lodging, go to the Lodging Availability Request page of the Lake of the Woods Tourism website.
  2. Fill out and send!  Enter contact info, arrival and departure dates, how many people and check the box indicating what portion of Lake of the Woods county you would like to stay.   Also indicate if you have any special requests or other comments and hit the submit button.  Your request is automatically emailed to the resorts, hotels and sleeper fish house businesses that are applicable in the area you prefer.  You are on your way to a simple way to find lodging.

If you prefer to contact a few specific resorts, we also have our lodging page to find lodging.  This page is full of information.  In addition to a complete list of lodging opportunities, learn what amenities are available and what might fit your group the best.

There are many ways to access lodging, fish houses, guides and charters up at Lake of the Woods.  three sections of lowWhether you are looking for something in Baudette, perhaps the Rainy River, south shore or Northwest Angle, all of the choices are in one place, the Lake of the Woods Tourism website.

Have a chance at a spur of the moment getaway to walleye country?  Give the lodging availability finder a shot.  It will save you time and often will provide options even on busy weekends. Also check out our Hot Deals tab to find great bargains. Many resorts offer you great package deals for all lodging, fishing and meals included.


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Find Fishing Regulations for Lake of the Woods at MN DNR.

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