Fishing Report 5.7.2024

On the south end…   Things are shaping up nicely for the MN Fishing Opener which takes place Saturday, May 11th.  Recent rain has brought up the water levels, which were low.  The walleyes and saugers are in very good shape across the south shore.  Expectations are high.

The goto presentation this weekend will be a jig and frozen emerald shiner or other kind of minnow.  Emerald shiners are a staple in LOW and walleyes love them.

Hook the shiner through the mouth and out the gill.  Push the minnow all the way up to the jig head and hook the minnow as far back as possible.  This will give you a better hooking percentage.
Jig sizes and colors?  This is stained water so you can get away with a big heavier jig, which is nice for those who don’t fish a lot.  It enables them to have more control and feel the bottom.  A quarter ounce jig is a good size for starters.  fishing
In stained water, gold, glow white, glow red, pink, orange and chartreuse, or a combo of those colors, are great places to start.
The limit of walleyes and saugers is a combined limit of six fish, up to four of the six can be walleyes.  All walleyes between 19.5 – 28.0 inches must be released.  One fish over 28.0 inches can be kept.  The possession limit in MN is one daily limit of fish.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, there will be some good pike caught this weekend.  The pike season on LOW is open year round. The limit is 3 pike per day with one fish allowed more than 40 inches. All fish 30 – 40 inches must be released.

On the Rainy River…  Sturgeon fishing on the Rainy River has been excellent.  The catch and release season is May 8 – 15.  The keep season starts up again July 1st.

FYI, there will be some nice walleyes in the Rainy River for the fishing opener.  Lots of sturgeon anglers are reporting big walleyes being caught on sturgeon rigs!

Up at the NW Angle…  Angle resorts are ready to roll for the opener.  As many of you know, this is the area of LOW where the islands begin.  Lots of structure.

Go to spots for walleyes, neck down areas, shoreline breaks, points and bays which will have warmer water.  In true NW Angle form, be ready for a mixed bag of fish.  In addition to walleyes and saugers, pike, jumbo perch, crappies, and even a few smallies and muskies will be caught.
Again, the goto presentation will be a jig and minnow. Slow trolling a crankbait will also produce fish if need be.

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