Lake of the Woods Fishing Report | Monday, June 10, 2019

South End

  • Summer limits of walleyes and saugers with mixed in big fish.  
  • Plenty of fish to eat and take home. 
  • Most walleyes are coming from 24-32′. 
  • Various techniques working as the water warms, including anchored up and jigging.
  • Drifting with spinners and pulling crankbaits.  
  • Fish found from Pine Island to Knight and Bridges Islands, north of Garden Island, Zippel Bay, and Long Point.  
  • Walleyes found shallow when the wind is right or bait prevalent. 
  • Strong performing colors have been: gold, pink, glow and orange     

Rainy River

  • River offering a mixed bag. 
  • Walleyes and saugers caught in go-to areas– holes, current breaks and sand riffs. 
  • Trolling shad raps an excellent technique to find fish. 
  • Smallmouth bass relating to rocks, bridges. 
  • Pike in/adjacent to bays and current breaks.
  • Use spinner baits, especially around weeds.  
  • Sturgeon season opens July 1st for the catch season again.

NW Angle 

  • Walleye fishing strong on both sides of the border
  • Anglers in MN finding walleyes in 18-26′ with several shallow bites popping up. 
  • Spinners with minnow or crawler heating up. 
  • In Ontario, walleyes in 22 – 26′ with most anglers jigging with minnows. 
  • Parakeet, pink-white and orange are great colors.
  • Saugers, pike, perch and bass also in the mix. 
  • June 15th LOTW Muskies season opens for both MN and Ontario. 


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