One Special Lake – Lake of the Woods

I love this Special lake! Many people love this Special lake – Lake of the Woods. This great destination is known all over the United States and Canada because its waters are international. It encompasses both countries with the border going right through the middle of the lake.special lake

This great lake was created when forces of erosion wore down a rocky chain of mountains creating many islands. They are numbered at 14,522 to be exact. The rugged terrain is also known as the Canadian Shield showing beautiful rock formations and beautiful landscapes.

The waters of this special lake flow north and empty into the Hudson Bay. The lake was discovered in 1688 by a great expedition and an explorer named Pierre LaVerendrye. To this day you can visit locations that the early pioneers explored.

special lakeMassacre Island commemorates the place where Father Jean Pierre Aulneau and twenty men were murdered in the summer of 1736 while visiting the island and were overtaken and by natives they were hoping to make peace with. Today a white cross is at the top of this island showing respect for those who lost their lives. This island can be accessed by snowmobile or by boat making this a historical destination for many throughout the years.

Fort St. Charles is the site of the original fortress and fur-trading post erected in 1732 by the French-Canadian voyageurs. This reconstructed fort is on Magnusson’s Island and is open to the public. This is also the official burial site for those explorers who lost their lives on Massacre Island. Local guide services are available for history and fishing adventures in these locations.

Another great spot on the lake is Painted Rock Island located in a channel adjacent to the Northwest Angle just into Ontario. Painted Rock features pictographs on rocks that are estimated to be 900 years old. It is believed that these pictures were made by the early settlers and those paintings were left as historical marks of their life lived on this great lake. An amazing site!!

In 1823 an International Joint Boundary Commission arrived on the lake. Their job was to establish boundaries between the United States and Canada. They were dispatched to find the northernmost point of Lake of the Woods The Commission and surveyors disputed this topic for a century. The final agreement came in the 1920’s and the end result was that the United States retained possession of the Northwest Angle and it also became part of Lake of the Woods County.road map 3

special lake

Northernmost Point Buoy

On a Minnesota map, the Northwest Angle forms what is affectionally called the “chimney” of Minnesota. The Northwest Angle can be reached by boat or by air traveling across Big Traverse  – the largest basin of the great lake or by traveling by vehicles entering into Manitoba, Canada an re-entering the United States at Minnesota border again.

This special lake features 65,000 miles of shoreline with two cities located on the United States side – Baudette and Warroad. It is actually the largest fresh water lake next to the Great Lakes in the contiguous United States. This lake hosts over 50 resorts and lodging facilities in Lake of the Woods County itself with great restaurants at the various locations.

This special lake is known as the Walleye Capital of the World™ and has a world class fishery. Other species of fish beside the famous walleye are black crappies, muskies, northern pike, yellow perch, sauger, lake trout, sturgeon, and smallmouth bass.

Historical sights still adorn this great land as well as beautiful forest areas, state parks an enormous Rainy River, canoe and kayak routes and trails for ATV travel.

border view lodge fish houses staged 121523This lake features four great seasons of fishing. Spring and Summer and Fall see the best of all these attractions while enjoying “soft” water as they say. Winter season brings a whole new dimension to the lake. Mid to late December the waters become “hard” and ice houses dot the landscape, looking like a whole village. Anglers come from many states to venture out visiting a day fish house or to stay the night in a sleeper fish house.

From dawn to dusk, anglers enjoy themselves while catching walleye, sauger, northern, eelpout, perch and even sturgeon. There is no end to the adventure that happens on the lake. There are even two ice bars out on the lake for more enjoyment. Outfitters are constantly checking on your experience in the houses and check for your safety as well.

So bring plenty of beverages, snacks and sandwiches while enjoying this special experience on this special lake!!!

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