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Vet event on Prairie Sportsman TVI don’t know about you, but as I age, there are a few thoughts or maybe you would call them ideas that seem to make more sense as time goes on.  Prairie Sportsman TV touched on one very nicely in their most recent episode.  According to research, experiences result in longer-lasting happiness than material possessions. Over time, people’s satisfaction with the things they buy decreases, whereas their satisfaction with experiences over time increases. Experiences provide better memories.

Vet event, Arnesen's, Prairie Sportsman TVThis episode of Prairie Sportsman TV touched on this idea of experiences that touched the heart with both stories.  The first part of the show shared a tribute to a veteran at a veteran’s event who has passed away.  Mark Bode had actually participated in this veteran’s event in the past and when his cancer came back.  The organizer of the event and close friend, Lance Peterson wanted to do something special this year for his deceased friend who was also of course, a veteran.

Peterson has run this veteran’s event out of Arnesen’s Rocky Point for six years.  This year, one of the highlights was to honor his best friend in a special way.  The tribute given to Bode, captured by Prairie Sportsman, shares the emotion, honor, respect and love all taking place on the shores of Lake of the Woods.

Jesse Tintes, a veteran and avid angler himself, runs an organization called Tintes Outdoors and volunteers for the event, taking veterans fishing on Lake of the Woods.  While fishing with his dad and wife, he shares some experiences about working with veterans.  Hearing about how veterans who served our country in Vietnam would come home and just off of the plane, go to an airport bathroom to take off and throw away their uniform and put civilian clothes on so they wouldn’t get ridiculed.Gordy Mills on Prairie Sportsman

He also discussed how his wife’s father, Gordy Mills, never really spoke much about what he did in the military.  After asking his dad about why he doesn’t talk much about what he did, his dad said it wasn’t very meaningful so he doesn’t say much about it.  It turns out, his dad packed parachutes for those who jumped out of planes.

As you can imagine, the conversation turned to further admiration and confirmation to his dad that his role was a huge one and he should be proud.  This segment sheds light on a myriad of emotions and some of the benefits of veterans having the opportunity to participate in worthy events like this one.

The second part of the show shares some different kind of emotions, yet very touching and deep in their own right.  It is about the traditions of a family fishing trip with the Amundson family.

Bret Amundson, Prairie SportsmanPrairie Sportsman TV’s host is Bret Amundson.  You might know Bret from Prairie Sportsman, or perhaps Sporting Journal Radio which is blasted out weekly on a myriad of radio stations across Minnesota and neighboring states.   Also from Lake of the Woods, Bret was able to capture many of the emotions and traditions that are all part of a traditional family fishing trip.

There are many touching traditions in this Prairie Sportsman episode.  Something really cool happened while Bret Amundson was fishing with his dad.  Bret was running the boat while his dad caught a 29.5 inch walleye.  That is certainly special all by itself.  Even better, the boat Bret is using used to be the boat his dad used to use when he took Bret out fishing which is now Bret’s boat.Ron Amundson with big LOW walleye, Prairie Sportsman TV

Like many family fun, there is ribbing, humor, traditions, father-son time, uncles, cousins and lots and lots of fun.  Talking about past trips, keeping the tradition of homemade dumplings, pork, sauerkraut and gravy and a bit of kidding around about who actually has grandma’s original recipe is all part of the tradition.

The show is titled, “Lake of the Woods Remembrances”.  Enjoy!

Experiences, memories and traditions.  They are some of the best parts of life and this Prairie Sportsman covered many.  The best time to make these happen for you and your group is now.  As we have seen over the past couple of years, it is best to make these things happen sooner rather than later.  The future holds no guarantees.


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