Unforgettable Summer Fishing on Lake of the Woods

Scenery, Lake of the Woods MNSummer fishing on Lake of the Woods is very simply, unforgettable.  Whether you rely on the professionals at the resorts to lead your adventure or your create your own, there are simply so many fish, a good number of big fish and so much beautiful water to fish.

As they say, a picture says a thousand words.  The below video does a nice job of providing a glimpse of what it’s like summer fishing on Lake of the Woods.


Lake of the Woods is big water and the walleyes can be living in many places.   One of the easiest, most successful and relaxing ways to pursue walleyes is boarding a charter boat or guide boat.  Charter boats are big, safe and comfortable.  A licensed charter captain runs the boat, keeps you safe and puts you on fish.

When the fish have moved, captains are often networked with other captains so they can share info that ultimately puts you on biting fish.

Fish fry, Zippel Bay Resort, Lake of the Woods MNDon’t know how to, or maybe don’t want to clean fish?  No problem, the guides clean the fish.  In fact, if you don’t want to do your own cooking, many of the resorts will actually cook up your fresh catch!

The summer fishing is great, but there is so much more.  You are out amongst nature.  The air is fresh and there are a variety of birds and wildlife around.  It is common while fishing to see ducks, geese, seagulls, pelicans, loons, terns, herons, eagles and even a very rare piping plover on occasion.

Wildlife thrives in the area.  Deer, bears, and wolves are just a few of the large game living living in the area.  There is a wide variety of small game animals as well and while in the area, there is a good chance, you will see some.

This area is special.  There are less than 5,000 people in all of Lake of the Woods County and not one stoplight!  This area is about outdoor recreation and the fishing is number one on the list for good reason.MAMA BEAR AND 2 CUBS

If you want adventure and some of the best fishing anywhere, check out a summer fishing trip on Lake of the Woods.  Try it one time and you’ll be back!


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