Ten Top Reasons for Couples to Fish on Lake of the Woods

couplesAs February is approaching, there are some people’s minds that turn to love, romance and the color red.  Of course everyone knows February 14th is Valentine’s Day.  There are many couples who have made it their tradition to spend Valentine’s Day up at Lake of the Woods.  Whether special time together happens in a day fish house or in a sleeper fish house, the coziness of being in a warm fish house out on a big, frozen lake is just what some couples need and look forward to each and every year.
Check out the Top 10 Reasons couples love ice fishing together on Lake of the Woods…
1.  Romantic.  Let’s face it, what could be more romantic than spending time with that special someone with the snow whipping outside and all cozy inside.  For many, this is perfect.
2.  No distractions.  Often times fish houses will be miles off of shore.  This is a great way to unplug and get away from it all.
3.  Cozy.  The wind and snow may be whipping outside and it might even be below zero, but it is 70 degrees or more inside and super comfortable.  Some couples say the nastier the weather outside, the better to create that cozy environment.
4.  Ice Fishing is a great couple’s activity.   Ice fishing is fun, keeps you busy but also provides time to connect as a couple.  For some, it is about catching a bunch of fish.  For others, it is more social.  Regardless, couples love ice fishing together.Couple with nice walleye, Arnesen's
5.  Delicious meals on the ice.  Don’t think for a second sandwiches are the only food brought out to the fish house.   How about shrimp, crab legs, and prime rib.  Yep, some couples do it up right.  And don’t forget about your favorite beverages.  If you are staying in a sleeper fish house, a traditional fish fry of walleyes and saugers is normally on the menu.  Some will actually bake fresh cookies or rolls in the fish house.  Imagine fresh muffins on a cold winter morning!
6.  Beautiful scenery.  Being way out on the ice provides a number of unique but beautiful opportunities courtesy of Mother Nature.  If you are out at night, the stars, planets and milky ways absolutely pop out of the sky.  The fact you are far north combined with very little light pollution really makes the night sky incredible.
Ice scenery, Lake of the WoodsThe blowing snow over the ice.  The colors created by the sun, blowing snow and ice sometimes look like the best water color painting you have ever seen.  The opportunities to see incredible scenery are limitless.
7.  Relaxing.  Not hearing the sounds of the city or of work or a busy household really makes for a relaxing environment.  Some like to hear the wind or simply the quiet of being out on the ice.  Others play their favorite music.  Regardless, couples need to unplug once in a while and a fish house is a perfect way.
8.  Social distancing… Naturally.  Ice fishing was a popular activity during the pandemic.  It is a great way to get away from people and have your own space to enjoy a winter day.  Couples especially need this time away and what better way to be together than in that fish house. No neighbors close….just a guide checking in on you during the day.
9.  Quality time.  Ice fishing provides couples time alone with nowhere to go for nice stretches of time.   For many, they cherish the opportunity to connect with their loved one.  You can be busy fishing, cooking or eating if you want.  Or you can decide to take a nap.  Every couple is different time together alone out on a frozen lake creates special times for couples.couples retreat
10.  Unique.  Let’s face it, not every couple will look at spending time together in a fish house as their cup of tea.  With that being said, you wouldn’t believe the couples who thought the same thing but after one trip were hooked.  It is just one of those things you need to try. We have actually seen couples get married out there on the ice. Yes, that’s very unique.
If you would like to look into spending some quality time or perhaps a Valentine’s Getaway with your favorite person out on the ice, contact your favorite Lake of the Woods resort for details.
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