Walleye Wars: The Stage is Set for January 3rd

Baudette to Devils LakeWhen Joe Henry of Lake of the Woods Tourism and Tanner Cherney of Devils Lake Tourism embarked on a one of a kind fishing competition between the two lakes called Walleye Wars, it sounded like a fun idea.  A way to highlight two of the top fisheries in the Midwest for walleyes and other species of fish via Facebook Live.  Now that the competition is right around the corner, things are starting to heat up and the pressure is on.  Thursday, January 3 from 9am – 4pm is the time of the competition and it is apparent, there are some nerves starting to show.  Why wouldn’t there be?  After all, this is for bragging rights!

Lake of the Woods Tourism will be live on their Facebook page on the hour every hour.  Devils Lake will be live on their Facebook page every half hour every hour.  This could be one of those days at work in which a quick check in with your favorite destination might be worth your while.

In addition to the competition, there will be fishing tips for each lake, special guests to the fish house as well as live fishing action.  For the viewer, this will be part drama with the competition but also, education and entertainment as anglers will gain understanding of the fisheries, how to achieve fishing success and hear from some interesting guests.

One of the details that had to get worked out was the rules.  Here is where things stand for Walleye Wars…walleyes and saugers in fish cleaning house, Lake of the Woods

-Fishing goes from 9am – 4pm
-Each destination is allowed 4 holes to be fished
-There are a total of 3 points that can be earned broken down as follows:
-1 point for largest walleye
-1 point for largest fish
-1 point for most fish (all species)
-The largest walleye has to take the largest walleye category
-A single fish cannot win both largest walleye and largest fish
-Every fish including the largest walleye and largest fish count in overall count
-Although contest ends at 4pm, each market may offer bonus footage if they wish after 4pm
Sunset lodge fish house, NW Angle, Lake of the WoodsIt sounds like Cherney of Devils Lake will be running and gunning, using a pop up shelter and looking for the hot bite.  Henry on the other hand is planning on doing things much like the resorts do on Lake of the Woods, getting in an area where there is fish and picking away at them.
Whatever ends up panning out, bragging rights are on the line.  If you like ice fishing and some “friendly competition”, check out each markets Facebook page on Thursday, January 3rd for all of the action.
It’s Lake of the Woods vs Devils Lake.  It’s Minnesota vs North Dakota.  It’s Walleye Wars!
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