Walleye Quesadillas

We love quesadillas at this house and they are so easy to make. IF you have any walleye leftovers, consider using them for this quick and simple dish.  These walleye […]

Fishing Report 5.28.2024

On the south end…   Good fishing this week with nice numbers of walleyes and saugers. A jig and frozen emerald shiner again this week is the go to presentation for […]

Walleye Delight

Get ready to catch those walleyes. This combination of lemon juice, basil and other seasonings is fantastic. Maybe even try grilling them. Ingredients 1 pound walleye, pike, perch or trout […]

Fishing Report 5.21.2024

On the south end…   A great week of fishing with walleyes and saugers caught in good numbers. The go-to presentation, again, was a jig and frozen emerald shiner.  Emerald shiners are […]

Walleye Bake

An avid walleye eating family from Michigan sent in this recipe to Taste of Home. Will be greatly used at Lake of the Woods also.   Ingredients 3/4 cup chopped […]

Fishing Report 5.14.2024

On the south end…   This year’s MN Fishing Opener weekend was not only great weather wise, the walleyes and saugers were caught in good numbers.  A main fish gut hauler […]

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