How to Fillet an Eelpout

A fish once discarded on the ice for eagles and ravens has gained some popularity in past years.  The eelpout, otherwise known as a burbot, freshwater cod or “poor man’s lobster” has ended up in the pails of anglers due to it’s good taste and unique meat.

Many people like eelpout as “poor man’s lobster”.  Basically taking the backstraps, skinning and cubing the meat and then boiling in salt water or 7UP.  When cooked, dip in melted butter.  The fish takes on a texture much like lobster with a nice taste.

Others will simply fry or broil the fish and enjoy that as well.

On the following video, we give an idea of how to clean an eelpout in the event you have never had the opportunity.  On larger pout, there is also the opportunity to harvest some tail meat, a section just behind the rib cage back to the tail in addition to the backstraps as shown below.

Not all bodies of water have eelpout like Lake of the Woods.  The next time you your rod bends over and starts thumping hard, get ready.  You might have yourself an appetizer for tonight’s fish fry!

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