In Depth Outdoors at the NW Angle Chasing Walleyes

Big pike in fish house, Lake of the WoodsWhen In Depth Outdoors host James Holst hooks up with long time NW Angle guide, Eric Grundahl, good things are bound to happen.  On this episode, shot just recently during an arctic blast of cold temps, the two decided to hunker down in -15 degree weather.  Because of the cold, they weren’t going to be moving around a lot and picked a spot they thought they could sit on and catch fish.  Well, between the knowledge of the area and their understanding of catching walleyes, things turned out pretty good.

On this day, the pair were using minnow baits.  Initially, Holst was using a #4 Rapala Rippin Rap, a lure that brings a lot of noise.  Not only does it have vibration when you rip it, it has rattles in the lure that can be heard a long ways away.  Grundahl started out with a minnow bait without so much noise and also caught a good number of walleyes on the show.Walleye on Rapala Rippin Rap, Lake of the Woods

Holst is no stranger to Lake of the Woods and the NW Angle.  He has fished it often both in the open water and on the ice.

Later in the show, James Holst gets a surprise with a big pike hitting the lure.  Grundahl, who has handled thousands of pike in his fishing career, grabbed the big fish from the ice hole like a champ just as the lure falls out of the pike’s mouth.

Always an educational show, check out In Depth Outdoors fishing out of the NW Angle.  Who says walleyes are tough to catch in sub zero weather!

Check out the episode below…


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