Spend an Incredible Night in a Sleeper Fish House

Sleepers are not for everyone, but if you like a sense of adventure, camping, being a little bit remote, a sleeper fish house experience may just be what you are looking for this winter.

Sleeper Fish House

Sleeper Fish House

There are many ways to enjoy ice fishing on The Walleye Capital of the World™.  One of the adventures enjoyed by many is staying overnight in a sleeper fish house.  Both resorts and independent sleeper fish house operators provide the opportunity to experience staying overnight on the ice.  It’s not for everyone, but for many, it is just what the doctor ordered when the goal is to get away from it all and have the opportunity to fish 24 hours a day.

Fishing out of a sleeper fish house is almost like ice camping.https://www.facebook.com/1620159894921821/videos/2162814713854626/?__cft__[0]=AZVp7lgZ6Thjyf3nJiMcV48I_cz0ntTjb5AnxJHbRyqXTI82pTDMD0cUyO6swgb5tf1cHVT9nWlOM2Es_876cfl16pGFojzRX1MJRcQP3cGVluZLG8B4T8DSBCWd9wGujVEXJ-3vtiOs92gJ4lZPb2InWYyeM3foI1v_YAoP9mdN6PAt2ZQAtVY3Wh_dwnJG6GA&__cft__[1]=AZUyoXTyLHY5XhircSQsPNhl5GBAl5EjHnEmAzRJ14JcbMy6LaEAT4fdXAkQrouUrHyCDjed2EpfBadcwW43JDQuz6g64wYrzu3Q06jWDkYNp62ju5C9NC7XFuOpjTaebwg3JWFjuu0E0206r0kMwdFRV8kb9_GBH2VIQRbiLtJc9UwSJD9nnV1ex08KSNbWwX8&__tn__=-R  You are in a spacious and cozy fish house for 2-3 days with friends and / or loved ones.  Regardless of the temps outside, inside the fish house is nice and balmy.  Fish from your bunk bed or with slippers on if you would like.  Good times to break up a long winter season.

There are many types and sizes of sleeper houses, but most often, a bed, strong heater, cook stove sometimes with a oven, bait and rest room facilities, which do not include running water, are included.

Planning for meals, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, evening activities, beverages, camera gear, cell phones and your fishing gear is part of the experience. Remember that guides continually check on their clients making sure of your safety, your warmth and enough bait to keep you fishing. If there’s ever any adverse weather, you will be the first to be alerted. Thank you guides for your expertise!!

A wide variety of people enjoy sleepers.  Families, couples, groups of friends, girl’s weekend, and bachelor parties are some of the groups who enjoy short term living on the ice.

Fish House on Ice

Northern Lights over Fish House

When you stay in a sleeper house on Lake of the Woods, try and remember to look at the sky on a clear night.  Being so far north combined with very little light pollution allows the stars, planets and milky ways to just pop!  It is a breathtaking view not to be forgotten.  If you really get lucky, perhaps you will experience the northern lights.

There are a number of resorts and sleeper fish house outfitters that will take good care of you on Lake of the Woods.  Each one has their own style house, fishes a different part of the lake and may have different ways you get out to your fish house.  It is good to do a bit of homework ahead of time to see what fits you the best.  Click Here for an entire list of sleeper fish house opportunities.

Plan your food early either by bringing some from home or stop to shop in our local grocery store and convenience stores. Check out this week’s recipe on the website and in this newsletter to bring a

Taste of Home photo

big pot of beef stew to keep your insides warm and satisfied for the duration of your stay. Many ice houses are equipped with full stoves for cooking or reheating your meal. Be sure to bring plenty of drinking water as well.

In another article please pay attention to disposal of all garbage. Lake of the Woods has established a “Keep It Clean” policy to protect our wonderful natural resource.


For more info on renting a sleeper fish house on Lake of the Woods, go to www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging for a complete listing.

Click Here to Access Lake of the Woods lodging options.


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