Canoeing & Kayaking at Lake of the Woods

The historic Rainy River is the original “Voyageur’s Highway,” which linked the entire Great Lakes area with the northern waterways of Canada. Lake of the Woods hosted early trading posts in the [...]

Fresh Blueberry Pie

Lake of the Woods is known for its wild blueberries found throughout forest areas. That season is coming up very soon. Usually the last part of July. Here’s a recipe to get ready for those [...]

Fishing Report 6.15.2021

On the south end…  Some good walleye fishing this week.  As many summer weeks, it was helpful to be versatile.  On the big lake, sometimes you have to play the wind, meaning, you have to be [...]

NW Angle Documentary Wins Telly Award

A original television production from Prairie Public just won a Silver Telly Award for it’s wonderful story about Minnesota’s NW Angle.  “The Northwest Angle: Minnesota’s Best Kept [...]

How to Properly Release Fish

There is a very good population of big walleyes in Lake of the Woods and they are a blast to catch.  Because of the slot limit set up for sustainability of the walleyes in the lake stating all [...]

Quick Garlic Lime Chicken

Doris Carnahan, Lincoln, Arkansas says this recipe is perfect for busy people. Why not try this for a busy day out on the boat fishing?!? Ingredients 1/3 cup soy sauce 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 1 [...]

Fishing Report 6.7.2021

On the south end…  Walleyes were active this week.  Some warm weather hit the north country and the fish responded nicely.  Jigging with a live fathead minnow or frozen shiner vertically [...]

NW Angle Featured in NY Times

The NW Angle has gotten it’s share of publicity this year.  Unfortunately, not for always the right reasons.  The Angle has been cut off from civilization as the Canadian border has been [...]

Local Group Getting Seniors on the Water

The Golden Years.  For many, they are golden, for others, not so much.  With the physical body and mind not being as fit as they used to be, once loved activities like getting on the water used [...]

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