Air Fryer Fish Tacos

Use fresh walleye filets instead of tilapia. MLGens These crispy air-fryer fish tacos are good enough to challenge the best food truck. I love that the fish is deliciously guilt-free because it’s [...]

Fried Walleye With Tartar Sauce

‘I love to eat fish and I think this is a great way to make it. The coating adheres nicely and cooks to a lovely golden brown. With the homemade tartar sauce this meal is as good as when you eat [...]

Bacon Honey Walleye

“The texture and flavor of the walleye is only enhanced by this recipe‘s savory-sweet topping. It takes only a few minutes to grill.” Ingredients 16 bacon strips, partially cooked 4 walleye [...]

Honey-Fried Walleye

We fish on most summer weekends, so we have lots of fresh fillets. Everyone who tries this crisp, golden fish loves it. It’s one of my husband’s favorite walleye recipes, and I never [...]

Oven Baked Walleye Recipe   OVEN-BAKED WALLEYE RECIPE prep time: 5 MINUTES cook time: 30 MINUTES total time: 35 MINUTES Chef Sherry, sharing this recipe from Michigan, has been baking and [...]

Spring Asparagus Tart

As spring arrives at Lake of the Woods, new greenery is poking its head through the earth. This is true of wild asparagus found in many ditches around the county. Go on an adventure and find [...]

Tacos on a Stick

Let’s do some grilling before we go out for the big catch!!! Ingredients 1 envelope taco seasoning 1 cup tomato juice 2 tablespoons canola oil 2 pounds beef top sirloin steak, cut into [...]

Glazed Marsala Carrots with Hazelnuts

This makes an elegant side dish for company and is easy enough to make when you want to serve something special on a weeknight. Marsala wine makes it so deliciously different and unlike any other [...]

Ginger Pork Stir-Fry

Recipe by Jackie Hannahs of Cedar Springs, Michigan. Her family loves the citrus glaze that coats the tender pork and vegetables. What a great recipe to use between fishing seasons for a great [...]