Duck or Goose Dirty Rice

1 1/2 cups long-grain rice 1 cup duck, pheasant or chicken broth 1 1/2 cups water Salt 3 tablespoons duck fat, butter or lard 1/2 to 1 cup livers from pheasant, duck, goose or chicken 1/2 to 1 [...]

Nuances of Jigging Lake of the Woods

If I ask you about jigging, what comes to your mind?  Do you picture a certain jig in a certain size?  What kind of line are you using?  Are you picturing live bait, dead bait or plastics?  Every [...]

Sleeper Fish Houses a Good Variety

Lake of the Woods is the Ice Fishing Mecca.  Whether you are visiting with family, business trip, or a weekend with friends; there is a resort, lodge, cabin, hotel or sleeper fish house that fits [...]

Spiced Crab Apple Butter Recipe

SPICED CRAB APPLE BUTTER Makes one 450g (15oz) jar 500g (17oz) Crab Apples and/or Flowering Quince 410ml (14 fl.oz) Water 1 tsp Whole Cloves Dash of Nutmeg…maybe about 1/8 tsp 1.5″ stick of [...]

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